Resplendent is an independent music label created by musician Michael Turner and artist-graphic designer Lam Wong. Sharing similar musical tastes and a mutual admiration for each other's work, the two first decided to start the label back in summer 2002.

The intention of Resplendent is to release music that deserves an audience.

The first two releases on Resplendent shall be the self titled debut album by Titania (formerly The Sensualists) (respcd001) and the self titled debut album by Angelmark (respcd002).

Resplendent shall also carry the remaining copies of "Lovesongs of chaos and desire" (love23) and "Dimming the glitter of the stars" (sirius23) by The Sensualists while supplies last. For future updates please sign up to our mailing list or simply send us an e-mail.

Download Titania Press Sheet (PDF 590K)
Download Angelmark Press Sheet (PDF 500K)
Download Outdoor Miner news/review (PDF 59K)

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